Friday, August 15, 2008

The Best of Love Fest

As great as it all was...

It wasn' t Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein's Instant Matchmaking, hot kosha buffet or the chocolate Fun-Jew.

It wasn't the rad goodie bags from Modern Tribe and Jewcy or the fabu Heebster shuk vendors, Threaded Heritage, Dove Above, Rabbi's Daughter's, Hebrew School Drop-Out and more.

It wasn't the glam on-site coverage from Lara Bearman and Jewish TV Network.

It wasn't DJ Eric Rosen, 8th Day, the outrageously funny Smooth-E, the sneak preview of Cool Jew or headliner Moshav that made the night so awesome.

Nope! It was the more than 320 Yidden & Friends, including the fab duo Aron and Garron, who rocked the house and made Love Fest 2008 an unforgettable Tu B'Av!

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