Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 20: Michelle Citrin

It's time to recognize Michelle Citrin for her innate Sheebster-ness. Girl is like Gumby.

'Member Gumby? Dude could just walk on into a book with his pony pal, Pokie.

Michelle Citrin? It's like she done gone and walked right out of Cool Jew with her pal William Levin. In her awesome videos, she grooves on Rosh HaShanah, matzah and more.

If you haven't yet seen the Michelle's "Twenty Things to Do With Matzah" video, well, come on and have a lookie.

She and William are wearing Heebster tees, Converse All-Jewish-Stars, and Recycling, Reusing and Reshmoozing matzah just like on page 180 of Cool Jew.


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