Monday, September 22, 2008

And the Beat Goes On...

Despite the hurricane, the Cool Jew tour is charging ahead...

Last week, after delivering the key note to the Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award Winners in the majestic Presidio in San Francisco (the fifth event in six days!), I flew to Syracuse for a book talk at the rolling hills of the very pastoral Colgate University. On tap: kosher pasta at the Jewish Student Center with a group of school leaders, then black and white cookies and egg creams post- book talk.

Everything was great, my host Rabbi Dave, the amazing views from the flight in, the charming Colgate Bookstore which is carrying Cool Jew, and my digs at the historic Colgate Inn. Only my luggage didn't make it. From Colgate, I headed south but once again, there was trouble in paradise. On Day 2, my flight was delayed, so I missed my connecting flight. Thankfully, my good friend Kim arrived on time at Ft. Lauderdale Airport in her stylin' former taxi cab. We've tooled around all week like Starsky (me) and Hutch (yes, she's a blondie), satisfying my incessant cravings for authentic Israeli food and even getting my hair cut by a real-life Zohan (with no back room), Shai Salon International. The cab is incredibly reliable. Today, someone actually tried to hail us for a fare.

Tomorrow equals West Palm Beach and the next day, Houston. Yep, Houston. There may not be power at the JCC but the books are in, the beer is on tap and the event is happening. Computer juice may be dwindling at that point, so posts will likely be intermittent. Stay tuned.

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