Thursday, September 11, 2008

Berkeley Launch Recap

Last night's Berkeley launch was, in the words of my father who was there to take it all in, "astounding all around!"

Meshugga rocked it. The Manis poured freely. The cheesecake, covered in Black Mani sauce, was da bom. Best of all, the room was packed to capacity with a wide spectrum of tribespeople and friends. From reform to frum, everyone was feelin' da unified love. The only thing lacking are photos to really show off the fun. I was so busy with my PowerPoint presentation, giving away door prizes and signing books, I didn't have a chance to take a single photo!

Thanks to Wendy Kenin, who managed to snap some shots amidst the hub bub!

Thanks so so much to Susie Marcus, Lois Marcus and the entire team who made the event such a great success:,, EcoTeas, Saul Kaye, Hip Hop Shabbat, Meshugga Beach Party, Congregations Beth El, Beth Israel, Netivot Shalom, Beit Midrash Ohr HaHaim, Temple Beth Hillel and Berkeley Hadassah.

Mazal tov all around!

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