Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Tour Blizzard Continues

Word From the Road

In a groggy jetlag fog, I'm writing from Ann Arbor today, where, from my room at the Michigan League, I have a view of the blanket of snow that blew in last night during my book talk at Hillel. When the talk began, there was nothing on the ground and when it was over, there were inches of white covering everything but the street. The League is located in the heart of the downtown campus area... The League reminds me of the inn where I stayed much earlier in the tour when I visited Colgate University. It is a practical extension of campus, originally built as a student union for women enrolled at U of M. Ann Arbor has that good ol' college town charm. It's too bad I've got to make like a storm and blow myself out of here myself in a few minutes.

In the blur of book tour, today it's back to California, where I was just yesterday morning and where I'm headed again to parts south. Then it's off to St. Louis and New York for events a go-go, culminating in the New York Launch Party at the JCC of Manhattan. Click below for links...

For the record: TSA has officially shredded the zipper on the carrying case for my spider banner... a six foot high sign of the cover of the book provided by my publisher. Baruch Hashem for duct tape.

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