Friday, February 6, 2009

Up Next?

What's new for this Jew?

I'm teaching two sessions at Limmud LA next weekend all about Cool Jew and what I call the "Jewish Cultural Revival."

I'm also presenting about my book at the Jewlicious Festival in Long Beach, Calif. at the end of the month. A whopping 500 copies of Cool Jew will be presented as free gifts to the first 500 guests to arrive at the Jewlicious Festival as part of a rockin' gift swag bag. Thanks so much to the generosity of Allen and Deanna Alevy for sponsoring the biggest Cool Jew giveaway in history!

And I'm exhibiting my first art installation at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco starting Feb. 25th. It's all part of a show entitled, "New Works, Old Story: 80 Artists at the Passover Table." Naturally, my piece, which combines music, light and flying holograms of Jewish stars, is right in tune with the Heebster vibe. If you're in SF, you can catch the show on view from February 27 through June 2. So come on over and shine your Hebraic loud and proud!

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