Friday, September 18, 2009

Shanah Tova and Mazal Tov

Wishing you a good and sweet new year!

Winner of the Cool Jew New You Giveaway is Michele P., Philadelphia

Cool Jew New You Rosh Hashanah Giveaway
Michele is casting off and starting new in 5770:

"The mainstream New Year is often about resolutions and I no longer 'just resolve' to do anything. It sounds passive and gives me a feeling of a last ditch attempt, like I've let something go horridly wrong in the past. The shofar, and the Jewish New Year, is empowering, it is about opening one's eyes.

So, my wake up call is to be more aware every day. Be aware of my temple needs, as membership chair, be aware of the Jewish community and, the mainstream, to help all not just a group. To be aware of my role as a mother and wife. To be aware of my own needs and desires, to be the best person I can be. To network more to help raise others up to their aspirations. So, the shofar call is my awareness call, and it isn't even sounding yet, and I can see more clearly and hear it echo through me - I am honestly blessed."

Congratulations to Michele. Thank you to all who shared your reflections with us. Read them all at

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Abundant thanks to you all for making this such a memorable year ~

Shana tova -- ketiva v'chatima tova!

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