Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bring Cool Jewie-ness From the West to Budapest

Dear Friends,

At this point, you've probably heard about our campaign to bring Cool Jew to Limmud Hungary. It's the first time a survey of Jewish pop culture in the west will hit Budapest -- and any former communist country!

We've raised $387 in just a few days toward our $1,000 goal. Now, we only have four days left to earn a 5% bonus from IndieGoGo if we "fill the mug" all the way up! Donations will cover one coach ticket to Budapest to bring Cool Jew's poignant, fun and inspiring message of Jewish affiliation to Limmud Hungary.

Limmud is strictly volunteer. I'm very happy to donate my presentation. With slides, music, personal anecdotes, and stories of my father's survival of Buchenwald and his impact on my Jewish identity, there's nothing else quite like it! I'll also lead other sessions, including a panel discussion on how to use public programs like these to make a difference. After presenting all across the U.S., Europe and Canada, I have been told again and again that this work leaves audiences with a lasting impression of strength and pride in being Jewish -- and that has the power to open the door to so much more along the path of learning and living and loving to be a part of our Tribe.

It's a modest ask: if just 125 people would give just $5, or of course, a larger donation or a slew of mileage points, we'd meet the goal in a jiffy. So if you can "spare a latte" and know of anyone else who might be interested in supporting the cause, please click below and share the love by help to spread the word even further.

This just in: we are now featured on the IndieGoGo home page under "Final Countdown"

Please take a minute to help make a difference.

Thank you so so much for your assistance in making this a reality.

Wishing you a Shana Tova U'metukah -- a good, sweet and blessed New Year!

Lisa and the FOLs

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