Thursday, August 19, 2010

Save A Latte & Give Hungarian Jews A Laugh!

Have you heard of Indie GoGo or the concept of collective fundraising? With a few clicks, folks can contribute a very small amount of money, say the cost of a latte, to accomplish a much larger goal, say sending a Cool Jew to Hungary. Wanna take part? We've got 10 days to make it happen!

Here's the story... Limmud Hungary has invited me to present at their annual conference in October. It’s an exciting opportunity: my presentations will mark the first survey of Jewish pop culture from the West not only in Budapest, but in a former communist country! Typically, at Limmud's non-profit festivals all around the world, invited presenters volunteer their time but are provided with travel expenses. In this case, the budget isn’t quite there. Enter... The Latte Campaign!

FOL! "Friends of Lisa" have joined together to support my presenting not only in Hungary, where my message can really make a difference in the way Jews experience and express their identity, but also in Israel, where I've been invited again to share the love. I'm applying for grants for my new non-profit,, to continue with all kinds of awesome programming and we’re still hopeful. But for now, even a small contribution of a few dollars will help send Cool Jew to Budapest!

This important work around Jewish identity matters. It matters in Hungary. It matters in Israel. It matters in a world where so many people don’t yet know the beauty, joy and fun of being informed, proud and celebratory about Jew you are. In other words, it matters everywhere that bright light called Cool Jew shines.

So come check out the perks! Depending on the amount of your donation, your contribution might land your name in my new book, currently under contract and slated for 2012, or score a personalized autographed copy of Cool Jew shipped to anyone on your gift list, or a thank you on my website, or a Facebook friendship…well, heck, that’s free, but a perk’s a perk!

Yes, times are tough but please spread this message far and wide and give whatever you can: a few dollars -- the price of a latte -- or as much as you like. Of course, those Jewish favorites, multiples of $18, "chai/life," are joyfully accepted and abundantly appreciated. Visit the site by clicking here and you'll see we're already well on our way!

If you have any questions, have a plethora of frequent flier miles to toss toward the cause, know another magic trick or just want to cheer us on, please

Please visit THE LATTE CAMPAIGN to donate now!

With smiles, many thanks and, as always, a l'chaim in your punim!

Lisa & the Fabulous FOLS

Anja Waleson, Jewish Salons Amsterdam
Rachel Bookstein, JConnect LA & Jewlicious Festivals
Marcus Freed,
Naomi Less, Jewish Chicks Rock
Jennie Rivlin Roberts, &
Susan Silverman, G.A.R.D.E.N., Inc.
Doni Zasloff Thomas, The Mama Doni Band

Start your own your IndieGoGo campaign by clicking here!

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