Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top Ten Jewish Neighborhoods

Ch-ch-check out the cover story on the current issue of Jewish Living magazine.

The Top 10 Jewish Neighborhoods in North America

By Lisa Alcalay Klug

With more Jews per square inch than some parts of Israel, there's no denying that Manhattan's Upper West Side is about as Jewish a neighborhood as you'll find anywhere. But in compiling Jewish Living's list of the top 10 'hoods, it's not merely size or even longevity that counts. Along with quantifiable criteria like the number and variety of synagogues, proximity to kosher restaurants, and options in day schools‚ all of which are included in our descriptions‚ we unearthed the qualifiable, as well.

We have identified neighborhoods across the continent that are growing, rebuilding, reinventing themselves, unifying their disparate parts, and exploring our traditions in unconventional ways. Our hope was to be more than a little surprising and to find dynamic Jews wherever they roam. Within these locales, members of the tribe of any and all stripes are putting down roots and putting up pillars of community.

The key word that defines all 10 neighborhoods is‚ "vibrant." There is energy surging forth in every one. Together they form a mosaic of diverse pieces‚ mixing old and young; singles and families; suburban and metropolitan settings; affordable to pricey housing; Reform to Conservative to Orthodox to Renewal and more. They are the new melting pots, bubbling with all the forms of self-expression that represent the Jewish people today.

Our listing‚ presented alphabetically, not in any order of preference or precedence‚ is multipurpose. It's fascinating to see where we are thriving. And should you be thinking of moving somewhere that you'll feel comfortable and find like-minded brethren, we hope to give you some new places to consider. More...

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