Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Chosen Blog

I really had no idea when I wrote Cool Jew that so many Heebsters would wanna team up and join the shindig.

My goal was to celebrate our people, show what's out there and where to get it... But now that the book is out, just blogged it up big on The Chosen Blog.

And set up a shop.

Now, not only can you pick up gear from da book...

but you can also read all about it.

Here's an excerpt:

What DOES it Take to Be a Cool Jew?

Author Lisa Alcalay Klug Lets Us Know!

Award-winning author Lisa Alcalay Klug's "Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe" was released to the eager masses this week and we thought, what better forum for a book on being a cool Jew than The Chosen Blog! So Sheebsters and Heebsters, if you're down with lox, know your Jewish geography, and can't start your day without a little Manischewitz, read on for a sneak peek at the book!

The Chosen Blog: Oy! This really is the whole megillah on being a Cool Jew! This must have been a progressive work over years and years! What, or maybe who, inspired you to write this book?

Lisa Alcalay Klug: First the what: a few articles I wrote in late 2005. One was for the San Francisco Chronicle on how cool it is to be Jew in the Bay Area. Another was for the Forward about eight nights of kitsch of Chanukah gifts. What these two articles shared was pride in Jewish culture, shmaltz and a reverent irreverence. Once I formulated that into the idea of a Heebster Handbook--Cool Jew's Hebrew name--I knew I had the makings of a book. (more...)

Props to Chavi, the Chosen Blog's "Kvetching-Editor-At-Large," and Sara, the Sheebster behinds the scenes. Thanks for the shout out, sistahs!

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