Thursday, October 23, 2008

What more can I say? Cool Jew is now available at

They even give a good plug to my fabulous illustrator, Amos Goldbaum. Dude rocked it.

New Title
Cool Jew by Lisa Alcalay Klug
Illustrated by Amos Goldbaum

Cool Jew does for gefilte fish and matzah balls what the Preppy Handbook did for plaid and polo—only with much more chutzpah.Cool Jew covers everything Hebraic from womb to tomb, finally putting an end to Christmas tree envy. Short essays, lists, instructional guides, photographs, and original illustrations celebrate Jewish cultural pride with love, enthusiasm, and irreverence.Entries ranging from "Heebonics for the Yiddish Impaired" to "Self-Help for the Christmas Carol Intolerant" provide the long-awaited Jewish response to that WASP manual of the '80s, The Preppy Handbook.In addition to cultural hilarity, Cool Jew features resourceful back-of-the-book material, including "People of Da Book" (authoritative texts on Jewish concepts and culture), the "Heebster Jewke Box" (tunes that rock the Heebster vibe), and the "Tribe Online" (an extensive listing of Jewish Web resources). (250 Pages) 7"x9"

Publisher: Andrews McMeel, 2008

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