Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Seventh Day

On the seventh day, the Ultimate Heebster in Heaven rested. L'havdil, on this seventh day, Hanukah 2009/5769, this mortal Sheebster is still plugging her book!

That you already knew! But what you didn't know is that today's winner of an autographed copy of Cool Jew and a "No Limit Texas Dreidel" bag filled with Heebster goodies is the one and only Audrey Bloomberg. Well, okay, there very well be more than one Audrey Bloomberg out there but we know for certain that there is only one who is receiving an email from us announcing she's won.

Nu, Audrey, you out there? Open up that email, girlfrieeeeeeend and let us know where we can send your prize!

Meanwhile, don't forget to sign up for one more day of Eight Days of Giveaways plus the Shamash bonus round... coming to you live, tomorrow from Register on the home page, homies, and mazal tov all around!

1 comment:

Miss M said...

I know Audrey Bloomberg of Illini Hillel!