Friday, May 1, 2009

An Amazing Week of Spring Touring

Monday: "Cool Jew" JICNY class in Manhattan

Tuesday: Israeli Independence Day Celebration with Coolooloosh aboard the Intrepid, sponsored by Dor Chadash, with remarks by Mayor Bloomberg

Wednesday: Meetings with editors. Evening Yom HaAtzmaut program at the Museum of Living Heritage in Lower Manhattan

Thursday: More meetings with editors and at UJC, whose speakers bureau I've now joined. Evening: Billion Dollar Bail-Out Casino Night Fundraiser to benefit kid's writing program at In a spectacular streak at the roulette table, I won about $400 billion, which I cashed in for VIP passes to the Colbert Report! Naturally, we couldn't leave without posing in costumes at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. and picked up our own pair of x-ray vision glasses. "Ever vigilant, ever true."

Friday: Blogging galore at TolerantNation, Jewlicious and more. "Cool Jew" session at the Beit Rabban Writer's Workshop in Manhattan. Target audience? Fourth graders!

Tonight/tomorrow: Shabbos at Carlebach... Shabbat Shalomie, homies!

Sunday: off to DC, Baltimore, Allentown and more!

Don't miss the Call-Your-Mother Gift Box Giveaway for Mamalah's Day, May 10th!

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