Sunday, September 7, 2008

Picnic Fest

Today's the day!

Come on out for a Picnic Fest in Oakland's Joaquin Miller Park

Join one of the largest San Francisco East Bay Jewish community annual events -- a day of free kosha eats, free entertainment, free beer & wine gardens and free raffle prizes, including an autographed copy of Cool Jew. Entertainment includes live performances by Lisa, the Ferris Wheels and Moshav. 11 am - 4 pm. More info.

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ace36 said...

Ms. Klug,
In your book's 'Jewish vs. Goyish, a Tribute to Lenny Bruce' on page 6, there are two comparisons of special note related to yesterday's Picnic Fest in Oakland's Joaquin Miller Park:

1. The Jewish item 8 vs. the Goyish item 8.
2. The Jewish item 14 vs. the Goyish item 14

Do you realize that it was a known thing at the Picnic Fest that actual biscotti was made available for all -- kosher chocolate biscotti at that! -- instead of mandelbrodt ??

Do you realize that less than chai meters from your 'Cool Jews' book table at Picnic Fest, actual Coors Lite beer was being served in the Wine/Beer Garden instead of He'brew beer ??
Even more so, did you realize that the Coors beer was readily drunk by the Picnic Fest Heebsters present... and mamish readily finished off ??

B'tmiya, what's the post- Lenny Bruce world coming to?

Just written as an FYI from someone present.