Monday, September 8, 2008



Picnic Fest rocked it and now it's on to the
Berkeley Community-Wide Cool Jew Book Launch.

Join us for a kosher martini bar, dessert reception, goodie bags and other surprises and live performance by Meshugge Beach Party this Wednesday night Sept. 10th.

Sponsored by Hadassah, co-presented by Congregation Beth El, Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Netivot Shalom and Temple Beth Hillel.

7:30 pm, Congregation Beth El, 1301 Oxford, Berkeley. Free. Hasidic Hawaiian attire optional.


ace36 said...

kosher martini bar

Did anyone reading this know that the original martini was invented about two dozen miles Northeast of the very location of the Berkeley Community-Wide Cool Jew Book Launch reception ??
Also, shouldn't the open bar be more correctly called a Moish-ini bar instead of a Martini bar, especially if the key drink has kosher wine in it instead of the typically unkosher vermouth ??

....and speaking of ini's.
FWIW (and I looked this up in 'Cool Jew'), bet that anyone reading this doesn't know offhand, great magician Harry Houd-ini's original name.
He was born Jewish, was the son of a rabbi in Hungary, and was buried in the Jewish Machpela Cemetery in Queens,NY separate from his non-Jewish wife..

Unknown said...

Optional or not, I'm wearing the Hawaiian shirt for sure!