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Radio and TV Report


Radio and TV Report

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Why It’s Cool to be Jewish

It hasn’t always been easy for the chosen people, with all the
enslavement and the wandering in the desert. Even today,
being Jewish can have its burdens (see the Middle East), but
here in America it’s hip to be a Jew.

Jews are an integral part of America. The entertainment industry
in America would practically shut down without the
talents of numerous members of The Tribe. Imagine the
movies without Harrison Ford and Dustin Hoffman; the music
industry without Paul Simon and Bob Dylan; and how could
you possibly get your news fix without Jon Stewart’s Daily
Show? And don’t forget the political cool that is Supreme
Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Governor
Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. Not to mention the Jewish
scientists, inventors and writers who have enriched our lives.

Lisa Alcalay Klug thinks being Jewish
is about much more than bagels and lox,
it’s a state of mind. “It's about moxie,
about feeling Yiddishe foxy! Because
when you're of Da Tribe, you've got
Da Vibe.” she says.

Klug has written the ultimate field manual
for 21st century Jews and the people
who love them. Her book COOL JEW:
The Ultimate Guide for Every Member
of the Tribe decodes contemporary
Judaism and its hippest forms of
cultural expression.

Bring Lisa on for a funny show
that includes:
• The “Heebster Jewke Box,” tunes
that rock the Jewish vibe.
• What you need to know to
Super Jew yourself or just be
friend the Jewish people.
• Thoughts on Jewish identity,
rituals, clothing and cuisine.
• Tips for Jews on how to behave in the South,
Siberia, and other hostile territories.

CREDENTIALS: The daughter of an Ashkenazi Holocaust
survivor and the descendant of a Sephardic chief rabbi of
Sarajevo, Lisa Alcalay Klug is an American-born journalist
whose work has appeared in a wide range of mainstream
and Jewish publications, including the New York
Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press and Los
Angeles Times. Lisa has also written for Jewish Living,
Hadassah, Canadian Jewish News, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, and many other media outlets.

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